The ultimate cosy night in!

Autumn. Leaves falling from the trees, darker nights and chilly weather-I love it! In my opinion, the best way to spend an evening in Autumn would have to be staying and being cosy! So, I have decided to write a blog post based upon everything I think you need to have the Ultimate cosy night in. (Warning, this post includes cosiness!)

1) Blankets
These are my most important necessity when it comes to being snuggly and warm! The best blankets are ones that you can snuggle under. My favourite blanket is 100% my Jack Wills one. I have had it for many years, but it has stayed just as fluffy as ever and the best bonus is that it is so big! I could cut it in half and it would still be cosy. Sitting on the sofa in a thick knitted blanket by the fire…yes please!
2) Candles
Candles are a must have! Not only do they make everything smell gorgeous, but they also give the best sense of cosiness on a cold night. The best candles for this time of year are Yankee Candle’s. My favourite would have to be an ‘Autumn Leaf’ candle I got a few weeks ago-I can’t remember where its from-and it’s so gorgeous, it smells delicious and the lid is gold leaves.
3) Movies
For me, Autumn is of course a time for Halloween movies! I recently spent the whole weekend just watching Halloween films, my favourite being the Haunted Mansion. For me, I also like to shamelessly watch the Nightmare before christmas. This film is amazing in my eyes because not only does it incorporate halloween, but also Christmas-my favourite time of the year. I have a blog post on my 10 ten halloween movies if you are in need of any ideas! Watching a Halloween movie whilst sipping on a Pumpkin Spiced Latte is so generic…but sadly I am one of those girls, there is just something about this that makes me feel so lovely inside!
4) Food
The key factor in the ultimate cosy night (and also the thing that makes me happy and doesn’t disappoint me) is by far food!These are my favourite foods to make my night the cosiest it can be:
  • Hot cocoa: Twinings has always been my favourite hot chocolate powder-if you haven’t tried it, it’s rich, creamy and just so delicious! If you really want to be adventurous though, you can make your own hot chocolate-Pinterest is full of recipes from Nutella to Oreo hot chocolate!
  • Pumpkin spiced cookies: I made some of these the other day from a recipe I found online which included a cinnamon cream cheese frosting and oh my golly gosh these were amazing! Bake up a batch of homemade cookies and eat them warm to really make your night special!
  • Soup: A simple autumn favourite. This is such a warming treat-my favourite being butternut squash and also broccoli and stilton! Pinterest is fabulous for finding delicious soup recipes, so find one you like the sound of and get cooking. With a slice of freshly baked, buttered bread, soup is a great addition to your ultimate cosy night!
5) Pyjamas
Pyjamas are my comfiest piece of clothing. I live in them, eat in them and, of course, sleep in them. You can’t go wrong wearing your fluffiest pyjamas, whilst wrapped in a blanket, sipping your soup/hot chocolate and watching movies! My current favourite pyjamas are actually a shirt from Primark. It is an oversized Mickey Mouse striped pyjama shirt and For your ultimate comfy night, pop your prettiest PJs on and get cosy!
So, there you have it. My main necessities needed to have the absolute, ultimate cosy night in during Autumn! In my eyes, anything fluffy, pumpkin spiced and delicious smelling basically creates the best evening!
Daisy xoxo

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